The News

The best thing that Americans can do in response to this news is to soberly continue on with our business and our lives, today, and in the coming weeks.  I can think of few better opportunities for us to set an example for others, especially those who may still be forming an opinion about America, than for us to view this not as an event of great celebration, but rather as part of the sober business of securing freedom – that elusive institution desired by people of all race, religion and creed the world over.  As we (Americans) reflect on these recent events, and their connection to the past, let us also think about how we can help encourage and foster genuine freedom around the world, so that people, in their own way can begin building democratic institutions rooted in liberty and the protection of universal Human Rights.

Let us show the world, especially now, that this is not about revenge, or war, or evening the score, but something much greater and more noble than all those things, something that all people can share, or may one day hope to partake in – liberty, security, dignity, social equality and the universal bond of humanity that all of us share no matter where on this planet we happen to live.

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