I’ve talked about alternative search engines before but this one goes well beyond just being different.  Ecosia, I dare say, is an effective search engine that is unique in a very special way.  Powered by Bing and Yahoo the emphasis here isn’t on fancy new algorithms, but doing something I didn’t previously think possible…using ‘search’ to help save the rainforests.  I know it sounds crazy but when you take the time to explore how this is all set up it does actually make sense.  In fact, I highly recommend watching the short ‘In a nutshell‘ video, which gives a brief overview of Ecosia’s purpose and approach (to making everyday searches benefit the health of our planet).  How are the search results you ask? I’ve been using this search engine, almost exclusively, for the past several months, and haven’t once had any difficulty finding what I needed.  There are no tacked on gimmicks, annoying ads, or any of that other stuff (remember, they’re a non-profit).  So the search results themselves are clean and as accurate as should be expected.

To the Ecosia team: This thing is awesome.  Thanks a bunch guys and please, keep up the Great Work!

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