Party Costumes

I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to suggest that we’ve turned a new corner in our culture in the realm of costumes… specifically those designed for women to wear [at parties or social gatherings].  At some point in the past several years it has apparently become a de facto standard that women’s (even young girl’s) costumes need not only present a theme, but also be inherently sexy… almost as if that were the main purpose in a female wearing one in the first place.  Notwithstanding the fact that these kinds of attire have been around for centuries, intended for more ‘intimate’ settings, the shift to which I’m referring seems a more recent phenomenon.

Please don’t confuse the essence of this observation to be about draconian notions of sexuality or propriety.  Because in truth, if you pause to look at it and think about it, the issue is more along the lines of inherently objectifying the women and young girls in our midst, and perhaps more tellingly, the manner in which we expect them to present themselves in our current culture.

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