Baby Sea Turtles

Have you ever seen one of those nature programs, depicting the first critical minutes of a sea turtle’s life…just after it breaks through the sand (from underneath where the eggs had been carefully buried) and begins the long journey down the beach to the safety of the ocean.  There they are, these delicate little creatures, struggling, scrambling awkwardly across the sand, as birds and other large predators swoop in for a quick meal, snatching them up and carrying so many of them away.  But then, finally, you get to see some of the others (the fortunate ones) make it to the water, and you can almost feel in empathy the rush of the cool water as it washes the sand away and, finally, gives the freedom to swim…freely…Free!  And away they go, on to yet more dangers, but the chance at a long life in the sea.

I think of all the moments in nature, the majority of which I have only witnessed through nature programs, this has to be one of the most satisfying of all…to see those baby sea turtles at last slip into the waiting arms of the ocean.

Truthfully, if I were there with them, I’d likely be running around tossing the little guys into the water – just one of several reasons I would probably not make for a very good Marine Biologist.

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