Why is Prostitution Illegal?

Surely there is a reason why certain laws, those pertaining to the ethical and oftentimes social conduct of adults, are passed.  Take prostitution for example.  Upon consideration one tends to think (or imagine) there is some basis, moral, logical or otherwise…a sense that, perhaps, in the greater view of it all, society is better off for the criminalization rather than legalization of such activities.  And so…at least in this case…prostitution is illegal.

What follows is a thought not my own, but based on something I once read, from a former ‘pornography actress’ I believe it was, restated here in my own words.

A girl can be paid to have sex, and done so in a private place somewhere out of site of the public.  The law believes that this activity is ultimately detrimental to society (and presumably those engaged in it) and deems the act a crime.  It happens none-the-less, but there is a sense that it is wrong, and that it would be better all around if it weren’t done.  Then, in the room next door, a girl can be paid to have sex, while half a dozen other people stand there and watch…one or two of whom also happen to be filming it, so that the whole affair may later be put up online for public view, and, as a general rule, for profit.  This arrangement is entirely legal so long as we all agree to call it “pornography.”

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