Rape is all too Pervasive

When it comes to the subject of Rape there are, as I see it, four types of men in the world.

  • Rapists who have been caught (a small group)
  • Rapists who have not been caught (a large group)
  • Men who would rape a girl, provided the opportunity (a disproportionately large group)
  • Men who would not rape a girl, and might even fight to protect her (a disproportionately small group)

Mind you it wasn’t always this way.  But, now that we have ambled fully into the age of Relativism and Pornography…the world has changed.  It has no intention of going back.

To the young girls and women of the world – I am sorry.  I am sorry for what men have become…what we have failed to become.  I am sorry for the pain we have caused you, for the pervasive abuse (and worse) you have endured, because the world is full of evil and depravity…and so little justice.  I am sorry for your tears, sense of helplessness, feelings of abandonment, for how we have failed to protect you, to respect you, to give you the tenderness and love you deserve.

I am so sorry.

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