The Lost Art of Simple Applause

On the lighter side of things…

It has traditionally been the case (I think) that in large social gatherings, the audience or some segment thereof, when wishing to express its collective approval, would clap their hands together.  This ‘applause’ could usually be (and still is) measured by the level of participation, hardiness of the clapping and duration of the applause.  It’s a great thing.  How we all long to receive a hearty round of applause at least once in our lives.  Don’t we?

But somewhere along the way, I think possibly in recent history, we in America have changed the way this custom works.  Gone are the days in which it sufficed to [merely] applaud with approval, or applaud loudly for greater effect.  Now, for some reason that eludes me, we’ve seemingly taken to this ‘wooing’ thing.  Honestly, it happens all the time now.  Almost inevitably, whenever a situation calls for applause, you are nearly guaranteed to hear various persons belting out a “Wooooooo!”  I’m old enough to remember that it didn’t always work this way.

Where did the ‘wooing’ come from?  When did it start?  Am I the only one who has noticed it and is subsequently perplexed (and admittedly slightly put off) by this change in the way we grant public approval?  What has become of that good old custom, now slipping away, of giving a kind and simple round of applause?

Please note:  Relative to many of my other posts this isn’t a topic that’s intended to be super serious.  It’s just one of those observations one makes as they sit back and observe the changing trends of society.

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  1. Maybe, as the saying goes, the point is just to “make some noise”.

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