Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

It’s so rare that I stumble upon a good movie these days I thought I’d give a brief mention to one film in particular.  Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont is a touching drama that’s filled with moments worth a good laugh or a chuckle.  It touches on a lot of themes but I especially enjoyed seeing the interplay between a modern young generation fellow and a woman from an older generation who is perfectly content with who she is.  Don’t worry, there’s nothing strange here, like a romance between the two main characters – but plenty of depth in other areas.  It was such a treat to see a film that lets you appreciate its subtleties (especially in the humor department) without feeling the need to scream out that ‘this is a funny moment!’ or use over-the-top gags.  You’ll realize early on the target audience for the film is older woman who have kids and grand kids.  But if you allow yourself to forget about that and focus instead on just enjoying the witty writing and great characters, I can almost assure you this will be an enjoyable movie experience.

My personal thanks to Dan Ireland, the talented cast and crew for making a wonderful film that, thankfully, breaks from so many of the current trends in filmmaking.

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