A Kind of Misperception

I am reminded lately of those who believe that kindness, gentleness and humility = weakness.  But in fact, the opposite is true.  It takes a great deal more strength (of character in particular but sometimes more) to exercise kindness, gentleness and humility in a world teeming with aggressiveness, arrogance, vulgarity, depravity and, at times, outright brutality.

When you see these nasty and violent traits manifested in someone I can assure you with near certainty you are looking at a person who is, in many ways scared…and weak.

EDIT:  It’s so easy to be rude and crass, hoping this presents the image of strength.  But that is nothing more than a weak illusion; for it takes real strength to be consciously kind, polite and patient (especially because you never know how people will respond).

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