Clean Drinking Water

Despite the fact that most of us wake up every morning with access to fresh, clean water billions more still don’t enjoy the same luxury.  It’s difficult to imagine that in 2009, people all over the world still do not have ready access to the most basic necessity of life.  Think about that the next time you turn on the tap water, prepare a pot of coffee or a cup of tea, or brush your teeth, use the toilet, or take a shower.  What a tremendous thing we enjoy here in wealthy, industrialized societies.  But we shouldn’t be the only ones, and thanks to Michael Prichard the world has just moved one step closer to universal access to clean drinking water.  This is not a paid product endorsement.  This is an introduction to a new technology (an innovation of great humanitarian magnitude) that many still aren’t aware of.  This post is my small part in spreading the word about the Lifesaver Bottle.

michael prichard

Inspired by events around the world, and the pressing need for clean drinking water in underdeveloped countries, Michael set about creating something that had never been done before.  He put his mind to making a water filtration system that could eliminate every form of water-borne pathogen, without the use of chemicals or complicated, cost prohibitive systems.  In 2007, his vision finally came to life, and the Lifesaver Bottle was born.

According to an official press release the Lifesaver Bottle ‘is the world’s first all in one ultra filtration water bottle. It will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without using chemicals like iodine or chlorine which leave a distinctive foul taste.’  It produces filtered sterile drinking water quickly and easily, and even includes a built-in fail-safe device that shuts off the filtering system the moment it expires, preventing accidental contamination.  Another page has several videos featuring Michael demonstrating this amazing invention.  The one delivered at TED is well worth checking out.

There is little doubt that recreational hikers and military units around the world will be taking an express interest in Michael’s self-contained filtration system.  But without a doubt there is another application here that is even more worthwhile, and that is getting this technology into the hands of the world’s ‘Bottom Billion,’ those who subsist on less than a dollar a day, and who don’t presently have ready access to clean (disease free) drinking water.  My hope is that as word spreads, those with the money, connections and other resources will see the tremendous opportunity presented by the potential application of this technology in creative humanitarian ways.  Possibly, for the first time in history, those who don’t live in a rich country, can finally wake up and enjoy fresh, clean water – just like the rest of us.

Thank You Michael.  Well Done.

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