What Does “Professional Ball Player” Really Mean

If I could bend the ear of so many Major League ball players this is what I would share.  Though the words may not be audible, we in the stands, or watching on television can quite easily make out the crude utterances spoken in moments of anger and frustration.  It isn’t difficult at all to make out the words and facial expressions.  And, in the case of some, we are watching as you throw a temper-tantrum on the way back to the dugout or bullpen following some fouled-up play or call.  What’s more is that so many young people are among those who see and are watching.  I’m sad to think you may have forgotten, in the tense moments, the impact you have on so many young minds and hearts, of kids who idolize and look to you for an example.

What if we all stepped back for just a moment to consider what it actually means to be a “Professional” ball player.  Is it all summed up in nothing more than raw talent, in wins, in numbers and statistics?  Or is it quite possible that to be a real “Professional” is to have learned how to act when things get tense, or plays get screwed up, or an ump makes a bad call, or the guy on the other team is acting like a jerk…while meanwhile young people and fans are looking on?  Is it possible that this quality, rather than merely ability to play the game well, is what actually separates the true professionals from the rest of the field?

What would you say?

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