songfactsHave you ever been listening to a song and thought, “what on earth did they just say?” or “I wonder what this song is about…”?  Well now, thanks to Songfacts, you can find out.  What is it?  A searchable wiki-style database ‘compiled by Radio Professionals, Music Enthusiasts, and visitors.’  It’s also a great resource for quickly discovering the story behind the music.  Type in an artist or song title and you’ll usually get one to several pages of results.  For a quicker search I recommend looking first for the artist, then the song in question.  Once you arrive at the landing page find out what sort of background information has made its way into the database…and discover something you probably didn’t know about a favorite song.  Know something that isn’t posted yet?  Even better; you can sign up and share your knowledge with the world.

Songfacts doesn’t stop there, offering special categories: like songs featuring famous so and so or music video cameo, songs written by, or songs inspired by.  Many of the songs also include an embedded YouTube video or lyric sheet.  Fancy yourself a music buff?  Then try putting your knowledge to the test with the Song Fallacies Trivia Challenge.  This is another great resource, well excecuted with a lot of potential.

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