Global Warming is Now

It seems that people don’t fully understand the gravity of our current situation.  The present day condition of our fragile planet has fallen into a tailspin, out of which we (as a community of nations) have a narrow window from which to escape the consequences – or reach the point of no return.  Many well-intentioned individuals have done their best to bring this issue to the forefront of public consciousness, but few have framed the matter so succinctly as former Vice President Al Gore in his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth.  Unfortunately for all of us, there’s a factor at play concerning this particular effort that I suspect has hindered many from hearing an important message, that just happens to transcend political views.

Americans by and large have fallen into an unhealthy form of political thought process.  I have referred to this condition as the Average American Voter.  In this case we have a person with a message, who also happens to be a political Democrat.  Thus there are, I suspect, a good deal of people who are going to bring their partisan bias into the decision about whether Al Gore’s message is flawed, worthwhile, notable, alarming, or even worth listening to in the first place.  The entire purpose of this post is to encourage you, if it applies, to set aside your political bias for 90 critical minutes and consider instead what this man has to say – at face value.  Forget about who the figure of ‘Al Gore’ is or was within the political spectrum of America and focus instead on whether he makes a compelling case for an issue that may, literally, have dire consequences for the entire planet…including consequences we are likely to witness in our lifetime.

If you are able to do this you will have achieved several important things.

  1. Recognizing the importance of objective, bipartisan thinking
  2. Exercising the essential act of focusing on the issue, rather than on the purveyor of it
  3. Opening your eyes to an issue that affects every person, regardless of their political worldview or degree of clout
  4. Add yourself to the potential pool of those who may become the essential catalyst for change

A passing thought before you go.  Life is a journey.  None of us is perfect or has it all figured out.  Maybe sometimes the best we can do is acknowledge that there are still things we have yet to learn, or that there’s still room for growth in some aspect of our lives.  Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Visit the host page on

Watch An Inconvenient Truth online at Documentary Lovers

Watch a recent update by Al Gore, viewable in any browser, hosted by the Technology • Entertainment • Design conference

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