avvoIt’s difficult to find good legal advice without actually talking to an attorney…as it probably should be.  Except that sometimes you may only be doing initial research, or looking for a simple answer to a basic legal question.  For these types of inquiries it helps to go where qualified experts can lend a hand, without a lot of digging and hassle.  Avvo is an ‘expert site’ with a focus on legal matters.  Users can post a question, or browse through a growing database of competent answers to previously asked questions.  You’ll find similar information at other sites no doubt but it’s nice to see a place dedicated to what can often be a tricky area of knowledge.  In addition to the Answers & Advice section Avvo features helpful Legal Guides, written by actual licensed attorneys (who receive rankings based on their level of contribution to the site – along with various other factors).  If you find a contributor who’s feedback was especially helpful click on their name to visit their profile page to learn more about them.  Avvo also offers a helpful Lawyer Search tool, letting you filter by practice area such as Business, Foreclosure, Immigration, Tax law and many others.

The entire presention of this site is clean & organized, and does a great job bringing lawyers and laypersons together.  For this reason it’s earned a permanent place in my ‘experts’ folder.  For more information on what Avvo is about I recommend taking a look at their Mission Statement.

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