Breaking the Tower

Breaking the Tower is difficult to describe other than to say it’s like a miniature Real Time Strategy, only you don’t have direct control over your citizens.  In broader terms it’s the discovery of not only how to win, but how to play it that makes this tiny little game so fun.  I assure you no experience in traditional RTS is required here and the pacing is slow enough to give plenty of time to think and explore.  Without giving too much away I can say that your Peons will go about their business based on the type of buildings you place, and where you build them.  Usually (but not always) this amounts to gathering resources of various kinds, which you’ll need to expand your village.  Meanwhile a great stone tower looms over the landscape, protected by roaming Black Knights.  What are they doing there?  How are you to deal with them?  What is the secret of the Tower?  These are all questions you’ll have to uncover as you play through the game.

Breaking the Tower is instantly available as a Browser Game, but can also be downloaded as a Compression Pack and played offline.  This version is an incredibly minuscule 93 KB so will probably take up less space than most Word documents.  Although you will need Java installed on the host computer, which most already have.  Unfortunately, no save feature is presently available but depending on how quickly you figure things out a game could easily be finished in a single sitting – but probably not during a Coffee Break.  I’ve got to hand it to designer Markus Persson for crafting such a deceptively engaging title in such a tiny package.  The purposefully retro graphics are a nice added touch.

Designer: Markus Persson
Type: Original
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Format: Compression Pack, Browser (Java) Game
File Size: 93 KB
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: Yes
Version Played: 1.0

Visit the Official Homepage

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