Desktop Tower Defense

Allow me to introduce my most favorite Tower Defense game.  Many have I tried, but none have captivated my attention like Desktop Tower Defense.  It’s the combination of so many things done right that makes this (in my view) a truly special game.  From the hand drawn graphics & outstanding sound effects to the highly original setting…I’m mean, it’s a desktop…and you’re defending it from a rather eclectic mix of little critters.  Even the towers are charming in their style and simplicity.  But let’s talk about what always matters most – the gameplay.

Unlike most other Tower Defense games this one presents you with an open field.  Others use pre-defined paths. But not so here.  Instead it’s your job to force the “creeps” through a path made up of the very towers bent upon their destruction.  And that’s really the beauty of this design.  For not only must you present a good mix of towers, but you’ve got to figure the most effective path…one that most restricts the movement of the creeps while maximizing damage as they pass through.  It’s an excercise in trial and error that’s highly addictive, rewarding and fun.  Well let’s face it, you’ve probably got to be a fan of TD games in the first place to enjoy this in any case. But what’s notable about Desktop Tower Defense is that its creator didn’t bother burdening the game with too much fluff, for it’s all about the core gameplay.  And that was a brilliant design decision.

Before diving in there’s a few things worth knowing.  First, this is the style of game where the waves of creeps come in at timed intervals (rather than letting you click a “Send” button).  So there’s little time to sit back and strategize tower placement.  They’ll keep coming, which means you’d better stay on your toes.  I think a lot of players keep a scratch pad handy to help with plotting out a map. The other thing is tower upgrades.  If you don’t master when and what to upgrade you’re not going to survive long in this one.  For those unfamiliar with Tower Defense games the usual deal is you kill creeps to earn money; money is used to purchase or upgrade towers; which are used to kill ever more resilient creeps, and so on until they either overwhelm you or you beat the game.  Oh, and every few rounds a Boss creep will come out to really challenge your defenses.  These guys can typically absorb a LOT of hits before going down; but you definitely want to take them out as the money bonus is significant and can often spell the difference between victory or disaster.

For those who appreciate a little variety Desktop Tower Defense includes four difficulty settings along with a handful of special Fun modes.  But you could easily spend hours just mastering the basic game on Medium mode.  By “mastering” I’m talking about surviving all the way up to round 50 – good luck with that.  Despite its nondescript (even cute) appearance the action here rapidly gets intense, the kind of intense only certain gamers will enjoy.  And trust me, this one is not a good Coffee Break game.

Designer: Paul Preece
Type: Original
Genre: Tower Defense
Format: Browser (Flash) Game
File Size: N/a
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: No
Version Played: 1.5

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