Gravity Hook

Here’s a Casual game not for Casual gamers.  How’s that you ask?  Because while this game might be extraordinarily easy to pick up and play, it is in fact brutally difficult to play wellGravity Hook takes a simple concept, slinging your character from node to node in a vertical chamber, and makes it an exercise in timing and reflexes…skills that were once the norm for what we now call “old school” games.  And the difficulty isn’t the only thing that’s old school.  Gravity Hook also sports minimalist retro graphics and great MIDI tunes befitting it’s clear homage to the classic games of yesteryear.  This may partially explain why I’m drawn to it.  That, and a unique style of gameplay that challenges (or taunts might be a better word) you to keep trying for a higher elevation as you climb, climb, climb your way up.

Here’s how it works.  Your little worker is stranded at the bottom of a long, narrow chamber.  In order to reach the top he must use his gravity hook to latch onto floating nodes.  The only problem is these nodes aren’t stationary and can be pulled downward by too much weight.  Oh and there’s one other thing…they also explode on impact.  So the only way to navigate your way up is by grappling onto one node at a time and sling-shotting yourself up before actually touching the node you’re hooked into.  As soon as you’re airborne you’ve got to quickly find another one to keep the momentum going, and so on until you [inevitably] make a fatal mistake.  Let me just say now you will die often in Gravity Hook.  It’s pretty much a main feature of the game.  But since you instantly start over the focus remains on seeing how high you can go in a given attempt.  Fortunately the game will remember your previous elevation record with a clearly painted line, so you can easily see what you’re shooting for.  Whether the game remembers your line between browser sessions I’m not sure.

Only the most determined gamers will appreciate this one as it can be supremely punishing for first timers.  But, spending some time with the game does pay off as eventually you’ll start to get a feel for the timing and gravity effects.  I’m even to the point now where I can miss a node but still catch myself on a lower one without getting killed.  The nodes are kind enough to warn you a split second before they explode; when you see the red Warning symbol that’s the last possible chance to release the gravity hook before getting vaporized.  Only once you’ve started getting the hang of it does Gravity Hook start to become enjoyable.  So, you’ve been warned.  And then it’s all about beating your personal best.  I’ll admit, the first time I reached the 200 meter mark it was a nice rush of excitement.  Of course I’m sure there are pros out there who can easily outdo my measly 241m record.  But since there’s enough enjoyable gameplay here to draw me back from time to time I know I’ll keep at it.

Designer: Adam Atomic & Danny Baranowski
Type: Original
Genre: Casual
Format: Browser (Flash) Game
File Size: N/a
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: No
Version Played: 1.0

Visit the Official Homepage

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