Dolphin Olympics 2

In the world of Browser-based Flash Games Dolphin Olympics is something of a classic.  And for good reason too.  The graphics are soft and pleasing to look at and feature a character that’s just so fun to control, which is exactly what this game is about.  Using the arrow keys you’re given 2 minutes to leap and swim and twist and flip your way to the highest score possible.  The controls themselves couldn’t be more simple (unless of course you could plug in a gamepad).  And getting the dolphin to perform various tricks is a cinch once you get going.  But where this game really shines is in mastering the more difficult tricks, which are of course worth huge points…that and discovering the many possible combos hidden underneath the seemingly simplistic gameplay.  Alan Rawkins seems to have hit on something with this game as there’s a great feeling when your dolphin picks up speed then shoots out of the water.  Dive back in at the right angle and you can loop around and get an even higher jump.  There’s a sense of freedom with the dolphin’s swimming and it’s great fun to see how high or fast you can go.

Dolphin Olympics 2 offers improved graphics and a few new features, like the little fish you can coax into leaping out of the water.  Others are more fun to discover on your own.  It’s all about beating your previous high score with this game, or, if you’re really competitive submitting your score to the online rankings.  I shouldn’t forget to mention the sound effects either, which round out this package nicely.  This one’s fit for all ages and skill levels and makes for a nice distraction during a coffee break, or when you just feel like winding down after a long day.

Designer: Alan Rawkins
Type: Original
Genre: Casual
Format: Browser (Flash) Game
File Size: N/a
Control Scheme: Keyboard
Portable: No
Version Played: 1.0

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