Bridge Building Game

In Bridge Building Game your job is to construct bridges sturdy enough to support a train as it attempts to cross various chasms.  But you only have a limited budget, which means you’ll have to use some ingenuity in working with a limited supply of beams.  This physics-based puzzle game has the open-ended feel of a simulation as there are myriad ways to complete a level.  Your only job is to get the train across; how you do it is up to you.

Each level starts out in Edit mode, where you begin placing and connecting support beams.  In standard view the beams are all gray and you can see where they submerge under water.  But most of the time you’ll probably want to enable the “Stress” view, which gives you an idea of where the weakest links are using a green to red color scale – red being the most stressed.  Check your bridge in progress any time by clicking the “Test” button.  In this mode the full effect of weight and gravity kick in.  If you think your bridge is looking pretty good you can then set the train running for the final test.  The game is thankfully very forgiving in that you can test run the train as many times as you like.  If everything falls apart you simply head back into Edit mode and get to work on the problem areas.  It’s even a good idea to run the train with Stress view enabled since that will show exactly where things are breaking down.  You might also want to take a look at the helpful Tips page from BridgeBuilder-Game.comIn the left column select the uppermost Tips link.

The game includes two similar map packs, labeled “Old” and “New.”  The main differences you’ll find are in the budget allotted for each level and in the testing parameters.  In the New levels your train has to make a successful run both ways across the bridge.  In the Old levels it only has to make it across once, which you’ll find sometimes leaves behind a wreckage of twisted steal.  To beef up the challenge you can even increase the weight and speed of the train, if only to prove the craftsmanship of your engineering artwork.

For me the most enjoyable thing about Bridge Building Game is the fact that it lets you work through each level without pressure.  Slowly but surely your bridge takes form and with a little patience and experimentation it’s possible to make your way through each level.  The interface isn’t the most lavish I’ve seen but it gets the job done; and it’s not bad when you consider the size of this game (257 KB).  With 30 levels to work through and the added challenge of trying to create ever stronger and more cost efficient bridges there’s a lot of replay value to be had here.  And it’s a great feeling to watch that train finally make its way safely to the other side.

Designer: Alex Austin
Type: Original
Genre: Puzzle Sim
Format: Installer
File Size: 257 KB
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: I’m not sure
Version Played: 1.25

Visit the Official Homepage

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