Mubbly Tower

King Mubbly has set up a new kingdom and he needs your help.  With a limited supply of “Moneh” purchase and stack oddly shaped blocks until you “Reach teh Line.”  For that is the goal of Mubbly Tower, to keep your blocks stacked up to the all important Line, thus keeping King Mubbly happy and content.  But you see the challenge has only begun for you must continue stacking higher and higher as the King continues raising the line.  All the while your unfriendly neighbors, the Wobblies, seem intent on knocking over your block tower.  In order to keep the king happy you’ll have to spend some of your money on warrior Mubblies who will help to fend them off.  Each warrior has a different specialty.  For example, archer Mubblies fire fast but don’t do much damage.  Spear wielding Mubblies do more damage but have a shorter range.  Fireball Mubblies do big damage but fire slowly and cost more.  And the boomerang Mubblies are somewhere in between.

The strategy of this game is in placing blocks (which can be rotated) in a way that makes them more difficult to knock over, having the right mix of defender Mubblies, and ensuring that you don’t stay below “teh Line” for too long – as this will end the game.  Each time your Mubblies destroy a Wobbly invader you earn more money so it helps not only to build well but also to have a good army.  It’s all about survival as the longer you do the more points you earn.  Adjusting to the constantly changing environment is key to winning in this strangely unique mix of real-time tower defense and block stacking strategy.

The music here is fitting and does an excellent job of setting the mood with its light-hearted rhythmic tune.  Extras come in the form of No Gravity, Bouncy, Explosive, and the significantly more challenging Extreme mode of play.  They’ve even thrown in a mini platform Adventure game starring a lone Mubbly that you control using the arrow keys.  In “A Strange Dream” you’ll navigate him through panels of tricky frames reminiscent of a comic strip.  It’s a nice little extra to be sure.

For a freeware title Mubbly Tower exudes a great deal of polish.  It’s nicely balanced and highly accessible in that all control is done with the mouse.  Since it’s all about beating your previous High Score there’s no pressure other than seeing how long you can last, which lends to trying a variety of strategies in this fun-filled excursion.  Great work.

Designer: Jesse Venbrux, Ferry Spaans
Type: Original
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Format: Compression Pack
File Size: 11 MB
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: Yes
Version Played: 1.0

While Mubbly Tower itself is quite Family Friendly the Official Homepage it resides on isn’t so much.  The game can be downloaded directly from HERE courtesy of YoYo Games.

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