The Missile Game 3D

Have you ever thought, ‘I wonder what it would be like to be a missile zooming down a narrow twisting passageway filled with rotating obstacles.’  Well now, thanks to DX Interactive, you can find out what this might actually feel like, and how good you’d be at keeping it under control.  I love the sheer simplicity of this game with its cheeky, though well executed concept.  There’s nothing to learn and no skill required other than moving your mouse to avoid crashing into the various barriers.  Each level starts you off at a fairly slow clip, but you’ll soon pick up speed as you go flying down the narrow tube.  Thanks to a thumping techno soundtrack it’s hard not to feel a little added pressure as well.  The Missile Game 3D is a nice distraction game, perfect for a coffee break or a quick gaming fix.  The hand drawn style compliments a design that manages to convey a surprisingly impressive sense of speed.  It also offers a stark reminder that missiles don’t have breaks. With just five missiles to start with your task is to survive through nine challenging corridors.  In my opinion anyone who beats this game deserves an award for concentration and good reflexes.  Just make sure your mouse is in good condition before you play.

Designer: Damien Clarke (DX Interactive)
Type: Original
Genre: Casual
Format: Browser (Flash) Game
File Size: N/a
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: No
Version Played: 1.0

Visit the Official Homepage

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