So…think you’re a Keyboard Commando do you.  Why don’t we put that claim to the test with a little device by Tan JY called TypoGun.  This inventive game of typing survival puts you in the seat of a lone turret out in the middle of a combat zone.  Closing in around are slow-moving hostile vehicles intent on blowing you to pieces.  Each bad guy has a word floating above its head and the way you take a shot at one is quickly typing the word.  If your word is misspelled the shot misfires, and you lose precious time.  There are several things I like about this game.

Let’s start with the configuration options.  The title screen lets you adjust graphic detail so the game can easily run on even the clunkiest computers.  Then you have a choice between several different word sets.  There’s a kid-friendly set of only simple words.  For those in need of greater challenge there are also two bigger sets and an extra one focused on country names.  Clearly this game has an educational slant to it but don’t let that fool you…It’s a real game that won’t be easy to conquer.  The neat thing about the word sets is the option to enable InfoTexts, which are short descriptions that appear under the bad guys – so you get an idea of what some of the more obscure words actually mean.

During the battle power-ups may appear after you destroy a foe.  There’s the TimeFrost, which freezes the baddies in place for a few moments, the Heart power-up that restores health, and the mighty Wrecker Gun, which gives you a huge (but temporary) spread shot.  They’ll disappear after a few seconds so don’t leave em sitting there for too long.

As the game progresses you’ll get live feedback on your typing speed, which is a nice touch.  In fact, this entire game is filled with nice little touches that make it a truly quality title.  It comes in a small package, runs easily and the music tracks are top-notch.  It’s even fun to watch as the battlefield gets littered with debris.  TypoGun is great fun that may just improve your typing and vocabulary along the way.

Designer: Tan JY (Watergame)
Type: Original
Genre: Action
Format: Compression Pack
File Size: 3 MB
Control Scheme: Keyboard
Portable: I’m not sure
Version Played: 1.0

Visit the Official Homepage

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