Floating Islands Game

Imagine a puzzle platformer that plays vaguely like the classic Lemmings game (except there’s only one character to save) and it’s hand drawn with a rich crayon-like palette and you’re getting very close to Floating Islands Game.  This thoroughly original game by Arvi Teikari is for me the quintessential example of what independent games are about.  It’s the product of one (or a few) talented individuals that focuses foremost on gameplay and level design, but then goes the extra mile with an original art style presented in an all around polished up package.  What’s it about?  Basically your job is to help the little character get to the exit of each level.  But before he does that he’s got to collect a special star hidden somewhere in the area.  Along the way are traps and obstacles just waiting to pounce on him most cruelly.  The trick is figuring out (no doubt through much trial and error) how and when to manipulate the environment in order for him to pass safely.  Since you have no direct control over the chap you’ve really got to master the flow and timing of each level lest he meet with an unwitting end.

This is really a charming game that has earned the attention it’s received from the gaming press in recent years.  While I’m not generally a fan of puzzle games I was intrigued enough to take a look at this one.  You may want to as well – especially if you enjoy a good challenge.

Designer: Arvi Teikari
Type: Original
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Format: Compression Pack
File Size: 37 MB
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: No
Version Played: 1.4

Visit the Official Homepage

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