Remember when Virtual Reality was all the rage and we thought video games of the future would take place in polygon worlds of virtual wonder.  Well the VR games haven’t really shown up yet but there is one game that offers a very similar kind of experience.  Enter Counterclockwise, a well crafted remake of an old Spectrum game called Knot in 3D.  The entire game takes place in a vast, empty virtual space, and your only purpose is to see how long you can survive (and how well you score doing so).  As your craft moves forward it leaves behind a solid trail; you don’t want to crash into this.  Also in the arena are Chasers, AI controlled crafts intent on trapping you in their own trails.  As all of you move about in 3D space the zone quickly fills with a mixture of colored trails and soon it becomes a game of reflexes and orientation.  You can try to eliminate Chasers with a mounted cannon and a very limited supply of ammo.  But truly to succeed you’ll have to master controlling your craft and avoiding the maze of trails.

There’s something special with the atmosphere of this game that makes it stand out.  With a mix of sound, visuals and a strangely haunting computer voice that issues status updates you almost feel as though you’ve been placed in a kind of futuristic training simulator.  It’s easy to imagine your pilot skills are being tested for a future mission in some unknown cyberworld.  I’ve never played the original but get the sense that Nenad and company produced a faithful, if not vastly improved, version here.  Before setting out you’ll want to spend a moment or two with the online manual and familiarize yourself with the control scheme.  Since it uses mouse and keyboard I recommend remapping the control keys to the left side.  This is not a game for casual players.  But those brave enough to engage it are in for a unique and memorable experience.

Note: Unlike most of the games featured here you’ll need a somewhat powerful computer for this one

Designer: Nenad Jalsovec
Type: Retro Remake
Genre: Simulation
Format: Compression Pack
File Size: 8.7 MB
Control Scheme: Keyboard & Mouse
Portable: No
Version Played: 1.1

Visit the Official Homepage

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