Fans of the classic computer game Lemmings might find some familiarity in Pingus.  The premise is simple, you’ve got to get a handful of penguin-like critters to the exit, losing as few as possible along the way.  The only problem is they’re not so smart; and unless you tell them exactly what to do at exactly the right place they’ll start finding ways of getting themselves lost or killed.  You see, once the Pingus start filing onto the screen they won’t stop for anything, that is, unless you issue a command to one (otherwise they just blindly follow the next Pingus).  To help get these little guys to the exit you’ve got to have some of them perform special tasks, like digging, or drilling, or building a bridge.  Tasking the right Pingus at the right spot will invariably open up a path for the remaining Pingu.  Basically it’s a real-time puzzle game that gets progressively more challenging the further along you go.

The level variety is pretty impressive as they trek through snow, forest, underground caverns and all manner of zany locales.  But don’t let the charming graphics fool you; this game can get really tough depending on which level you play.  And therein lies the catch.  On one hand the game includes a friendly tutorial zone to help get you familiar with the play mechanics.  But to play the other levels you’ll have to open them individually using the built-in Level Editor.  You’ll want to read this page to know where to find the extra levels (about 120 or so).  For those with a crafty creative streak you might even create some of your own – or become a level editor for the project.

Designer: Ingo Ruhnke
Type: Retro Remake
Genre: Puzzle
Format: Installer
File Size: 13 MB
Control Scheme: Keyboard & Mouse
Portable: No
Version Played: 0.7.2

Visit the Official Homepage

See Also – Lemmix (a remake clone of the original)

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