RunMan’s Monster Fracas

Aside from having one of the most fun titles of any game, ever, RunMan’s Monster Fracas is also one of the most simple games I’ve ever played.  Now, by “simple” I don’t mean easy…more like really really simple to pick up and play.  You start the game and use nothing more than the four arrow keys – up, down, left right.  RunMan is a small chap who is trying desperately to get away from the Monster, being a very large and foreboding creature bent on eating him.  Your job is to prevent RunMan from getting eaten.  You’ll do this by running (right key), jumping (up key), sliding (down key) and, where necessary, slowing down (left key).  Got it?  Good.  Now see how far you can go before getting caught.

Oh.  And the really devious part…the game world is procedurally generated, which means that you’ll never see the same layout twice.  So there’ll be no memorization here yon gamers, only wit, reflexes and a strong will to survive.  The longer you last, the higher your score.  Think you’re up to it?  I almost forgot. This one gets extra points for it’s truly, um, original soundtrack.

Designer: Tom Sennett
Type: Original
Genre: Platformer
Format: Compression Pack
File Size: 3.8 MB
Control Scheme: Keyboard
Portable: Yes
Version Played: 1.0

Visit the Official Homepage

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