I love chess.  I’m not all that great at chess.  I don’t understand chess notation.  And I can’t cite even one sophisticated chess maneuver.  But still, I love chess.  I’m a casual player who dreams about one day being able to say something like, “Knight to Queen Four…Checkmate.”  It probably won’t happen.  But still, I’ll continue on content in my mediocre skills and love for the game.

Any search into Free chess games will net you a great many results, many of them playable online.  What I’ve found however is that most of these ‘chess clients’ or what-have-you include features for real chess players.  You know, the ones that laugh at people like you and me.  Ok, probably just me.  And while those features are great and all the truth is I just really don’t need them.  All I really want to do is launch the game and move that pawn sitting in front of the Queen (you know, so I can bring her out as soon as possible to wreak havoc on the other guy).  If you’re anything like me then DreamChess is probably very close to the game you’ve been looking for.  It’s easy to install and starts up quickly.  Plus, it features nice, friendly 3D graphics with wood figurines.  Thankfully, some of the more sophisticated features are nicely hidden away for more advanced players.

Designer: The DreamChess Project
Type: Original
Genre: Strategy
Format: Installer
File Size: 6.5 MB
Control Scheme: Keyboard & Mouse
Portable: I’m not sure
Version Played: 0.2.0

Visit the Official Homepage

…or download it directly by clicking HERE.

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