One Hen

onehenMicrofinance…It’s a term many of us aren’t familiar with, and yet in developing countries throughout the world this is a concept who’s time has come.  Lend a person something as small as a chicken, or a sewing machine, or twenty dollars; and watch as their hard work turns it into a means of income, a source of livelihood and then maybe the source of yet another micro loan (or a job) to someone else.

I’m glad to say there are several organizations out there with a focus on Microfinance and today I wanted to highlight one in particular.  One Hen, sponsored by Opportunity International, is a site inspired by the children’s book bearing the same name – written by Kattie Smith Milway and illustrated by Eugenie Fernandez.  As such it’s naturally geared toward children.  But don’t let that fool you.  This is an insightful trip into the hope filled world of Microfinance.  You’ll learn how it works through stories, interactive games and wonderful illustrations.  Kids can even complete games and quizzes to earn ‘beads’ that can then be contributed towards a real-life micro loan.  The music that plays as you peruse the site is simply enchanting.

Once you’re done there you can head over to Opportunity International to find out more.

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