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charitywaterWhen was the last time you walked over to the tap and filled a glass of water?  You probably don’t remember; after all, it’s something we do every day, throughout the day, without even thinking about it.  Well in some parts of the world it’s not so easy…getting something as simple as a glass of water.  To the ‘Bottom Billion’ as they are called a simple glass of fresh, clean drinking water is something special, something scarce, something that oftentimes takes miles of walking, starting a fire, boiling and then waiting for it too cool down…just for a glass of water.

In 2006 Scott Harrison had a vision.  Or rather, he joined a vision: to bring fresh, clean drinking water to some of those who (unlike you and me) don’t have ready access to it.  His organization, charity: water, works within local communities, using local labor to build desperately needed Wells and Pond Filters.  For a peek at some of these projects in action I recommend clicking over to the Projects page and viewing one of the photo slideshows.  It’s a moving thing to see what clean, readily available water means for so many people, people that never chose to be born in a country without water infrastructure.  How many?  About 1.1 billion – or, as the charity: water team points out, one in six people on the planet.  Click the image above to find out more.

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