how-stuff-worksNot to be confused with learning how to do something, HowStuffWorks is much more about satisfying curiosity – and then sparking curiosity in other things.  It’s a great place to visit with cup of coffee in hand while you sit back and browse, watch & learn.  This learning aspect is probably one of the reasons the original site was acquired by the Discovery Company not long ago.  By far the main focus of this destination is short video clips that answer simple questions like, “How do submarines work?” or “How do Credit Scores work?” and, something I’m sure we’ve all wondered, “Where do female ninjas come from?”

Given the strong connection to Discovery Channel it should come as no surprise to find clips from the likes of Mythbusters, The Learning Channel and other network programming, which seems to work pretty well.  You’ll find categories such as Animals, Electronics, Health, History, People, Money, Food, Science and a whole lot more.  And, for traditionalists, there are plenty of written articles as well.  What’s the best way to summarize HowStuffWorks?  Just think of a more intellectually oriented YouTube, only without the adolescent commentary and requisite brain drain.  Or, as they put it, the ultimate video encyclopedia.

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