Amanita Design

amanitaThis one isn’t so much about a notable website as it is about a notable Design Team.  And what do they design?  Well, I guess you could say they design a style of short Adventure games unlike any other.  And a few other things.  The art style of the Amanita team is unmistakable, even when they’re commissioned for a short, educational game by the BBC.  The name of the game is Questionaut, and it’s the most recent piece of work I’ve played from the group.  It’s also what inspired me to write this post.  questionautThe story is about a character who sets out on a fantastical journey to retrieve his companion’s lost hat.  Along the way you’ll meet characters who will help refuel your airship if you can correctly answer a few questions.  The subjects are general English, Math and Science but done in a way that’s interesting and informative.  It’s a great game to play with the kids, or even on your own.  A full play-through might take about an hour, and that’s if you stop to enjoy the pleasing music and atmosphere of the distinct and strangely soothing islands.

Should you happen to enjoy Questionaut as much as I did you may be interested in trying out one of their original works – Samorost.  This one is more in line with the traditional Adventure genre, but is still a short (and pleasantly unique) experience.  For those still looking for more the much larger sequel, Samorost 2, can be purchased online for $5.

Other notable Amanita freebies include Quest for the Rest – a music video/short adventure in the same vein as Samorost 1. ..and Plantage, a fully Flash based music video, that’s probably unlike any other you may have seen.  This one’s worth a view even if you aren’t into modern pop or mainstream music videos.

And for those who simply fall in love with Amanita works, especially if you’re a fan of Adventure games, you may want to keep an eye out for Machinarium.

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