eHowWith the world’s information at your fingertips the question then becomes, ‘Where do I start?’  For most people it’s as simple as ‘Google It.’  But Search Engines aren’t always the best place to start.  eHow is a great example of a non-search engine that takes you directly to the source – especially when you’re interested in learning how to do something.  Topics run the gamut, from Careers & Culture to Pets and Parenting (and a whole lot in-between including Sports, Personal Finance, Computers and Hobbies).  But the really great thing about this site its focus on user submitted articles.  So you can not only go there to learn something new, but set up a profile and teach others something you’re already good at.  Content may take the form of an article or video and, in typical social networking fashion, other users can rate and comment on postings.  I think it’s a really great idea that’s executed well, and presented in a clean and attractive package.  Plus it’s free!  You’ve been putting it off for too long now; it’s time…once and for all, to finally learn how to properly skip rocks across a pond.

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