Fuel the Movie

I’d like to direct your attention to a small film with a very big message.  That film is called “Fuel” and it is about America’s costly addiction to foreign oil.  There are two things about it in particular that strike a chord with me – and hopefully will with you.  First, this is a topic that can help us all realize something important that we often seem to forget…it is possible for Americans to agree on something.  That is to say, every issue doesn’t need to splinter into fruitless partisan bickering.  Second, regardless of how well Josh Tickell and company present their version of the issue, the fundamental problem is one all Americans need to hear and comprehend – we’ve got to wean ourselves from foreign oil.

See the film.  Start doing a little digging of your own…

Regardless of where you stand politically or otherwise there are certain inescapable facts about America’s oil consumption.  We use much more than we’re capable of producing, and those who provide it to us do not have America’s best interest at heart.  Oh, and one other small thing.  Eventually, it’s gonna run out.

For further reading I highly recommend Winning the Oil Endgame by Amory B. Lovins and several other well-informed (and credible) authors.  A free pdf extract is available here.  Their message – it can be done, and it can even be done profitably and strategically for U.S. Industry and our Military.

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