Print What You Like

printwhatyoulikeHave you ever found yourself searching a webpage for that ever so elusive “Printer Friendly” button, only to realize there isn’t one.  And we all know what comes next…a small stack of paper filled with unneeded graphics, ads and unsightly formatting, all for what should be a simple page of text.  With Print What You Like any and every webpage can become ‘Printer Friendly.’  You might want to start by opening this web app in a new tab.  Then copy the url of the page you’re trying to print and drop it in the box over at Print What You Like.  By using the tools in the resulting sidebar the page can be stripped down to nice clean text (or however else you need it formatted).  It may take a little practice at first, but once you get the hang of it those prints will start looking a whole lot better – not to mention the savings in ink and paper.

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