On Retro Gaming

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about “Retro Gaming.”  Just what is Retro Gaming anyway?  I mean, does playing an old game you’ve never played before constitute Retro Gaming?  Or does this only occur when you’re actually re-living fond memories…

Personally, I love old games, especially the classics.  But it only has that magical ‘retro-nostalgic’ feeling when playing one of them takes me back to a real time and place.

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  1. Retro gaming is kind of a hard thing to pin down. Because what is retro for one person might not be the same for others. Personally I love ‘old school’ gaming because it brings me back to my childhood. Living with a classic C64 and front loader NES I remember games like dizzy with great fondness.

    At the moment though there is a big hype with retro gaming because of Xbox arcade having lots of old school games on it and I suppose more people are getting into the old games.

    By more people I mean the current generation of ritalin popping, cod4 addicted, gibbering wrecks we call teens.

  2. No doubt there’s something special about it, which is why I regret having gotten rid of all my old games. Every time I upgraded to a new system it was ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new.’ So now I’ll have to slowly rebuild the old collection, and pay a premium for games I used to own…

  3. It is very difficult to define I agree. I would say retro gaming is a style. Emulation of Older games, remakes or new games in an old style.

    I recently downloaded Mega Man 9 and I’m loving it. Even though it’s a brand new game, it brings me back to the hours I spent playing Mega Man on my B&W Gameboy. New Super Mario Bros. wasn’t nearly as old style as MM9, but it still brought me back to SMB 3 and SMW in a sense.

  4. Retro gaming is anything vintage gaming. If it’s old, let’s say 10 years or so and you go back to it to play it again, you just retro-gamed.

  5. I see retro gaming as anything pre N64, Sega Saturn and PS1. I tend to review games I have fond memories of almost straight away, they do make me feel very nostalgic and it’s nice to write on how I felt then and now about the same game. I find these reviews contain a lot more personal feeling.

    When playing a ‘new’ retro game I don’t have this feeling of nostalgia and I tend to look at it from a more historical point of view when writing about it, it’s usually a bit more sensible with less anecdotes.

  6. IMHO retro gaming can be both things, reliving a memory, or playing an old game you never heard of before. In my case, playing Rescue Rangers on the NES brings back a lot of memories, and I consider that retro gaming. But I also recently discovered Rogue (the one where your warrior is an @ symbol :D ) and even though that game was released way before my time, it transported me, and made me feel something ironically new. That, to me, is also retro gaming.

    Just like Fessic, I’m trying to find a lot of games I used to own. I got Final Fantasy I again, and in great condition too!

    BTW, I have just created a Retro Gaming blog myself, so feel free to drop by :)

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