Making a Difference

I think one of the greatest lies people believe is that they can’t ‘Make a Difference.’  So they don’t even try.  Not seeing the impact, however small, one has on others does not mean you are not impacting lives one way or another.  How many mothers, fathers, teachers (or even business leaders) have impacted the lives of others simply by living their lives…and setting an example.

There’s the way things are and the way things oughta be, and every person has the power to choose which of those they’re going to contribute to.  Not necessarily in big, significant ways, but in the smallest choices of our seemingly mundane daily lives.  We have the power to choose whether to get impatient with the person in front of us and start tailgating them, or respond with hostility to the rude person tailgating us, whether to laugh at a cruel joke or a slanderous comment, whether to smile and say “Hello” or “Thank You” or ignore people and brush them off, whether to wait patiently in line or bluster and sigh and make sure everyone around us knows that our time is more important, whether to respond to rudeness with more rudeness or that almost magical response which is more difficult but possible – quiet dignity.

The only way to ensure that you will never make a positive impact in this world is to believe that doing so requires a large visible after effect, to be able to see the ripples of your actions or choices because your original effort was so grand in scale and measure.  There is a place for such things to be sure, but by no means are they the only way.  Remember the small things; the tiny choices of daily living in a society with other people just like you and me.  If only we could all remember how much we impact others, how much we make a difference (for better or worse) simply by living our lives as others look on.

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