Free Internet Chess Server

There’s nothing like playing the greatest game of all time than playing it against another human being. Thanks to the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) you can hook up with fellow enthusiasts from all over the world any time, absolutely free. The built-in filtering and ranking tools will ensure (fairly consistently) that you don’t get matched up with a Bobby Fischer – unless that’s the level you play on in which case you probably already know about this site. For those who prefer a more customized interface you can also download one of several free Front Ends. I personally recommend BabasChess.

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  1. The server Fics (USA) developed to more or less a free insult chess server.
    Very bad managed with abusers as admins.
    Never use fics if you want your PC safe. Some interfaces are spyware.
    30+ years exp. from comps and 16 from IT-chess since the time of ICS (1994)

    • If that’s truly the case I’m sad to hear it. Hopefully it’s just in a slump and will pick back up. Users should always be cautious about downloading any piece of software, for example, using a virus and spyware scanner to verify the integrity of the file.

  2. Thank you for the response, I started to spread this information some days ago. If you could read my blog which is in Swedish you would see that righteousness is what I live for. I am not lying about how I and many other grown ups experience Fics USA. I can add that anyhow many good ppl have done a great job from the beginning 1994 and many years after that, but they didn’t manage the entrance of “IT-Trolls” that destroy many platforms at the internet. So if one need a safe and nice place to play chess, forget Fics USA.

    I want to know more about some trolls and what they really use Fics for, at least one Fics admin can explore players computers from remote and he does it, I discovered that some days ago and reported to the swedish police as a light beginning. All I do here is to tell the truth and to warn ppl.

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