The Paradox of Gossip

We’ve all done it right.  But consider for a moment; when you gossip to someone you’re essentially telling them two things.  One is that you’re not trustworthy (how many people out there claim to be trustworthy without actually backing it up).  The second thing you’re telling them is they could very well be your next target.  Think about this the next time someone’s feeding you a juicy tidbit.  What might they be saying about you to other people?  If not now how sure can you really be that you won’t be tomorrow’s subject of choice?  It’s a double-edged sword.

Try something today.  When you feel the urge to say unnecessary things about someone else, stop.  It’s a conscious choice.  There’s also no shame in politely stopping another person from dishing out needless criticism.  Do it.  Your self-esteem will go up a notch.  You may even earn the respect of others without knowing it.

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