You Are Not Forgotten

Over the last week or so I’ve been migrating my Scripture Wallpaper project over to the new WordPress site here.  I’m glad to say things have been going smoothly except for one particular post that’s been giving me trouble.  For some reason I cannot for the life of me get this particular verse plugged into the Matthew, Part One post.  I’ve tried many times with no success.  So now, I’m thinking maybe there’s someone out there who needs to see this particular verse.  To that person…

Dear Faithful Christian,

I do not know what difficulties and challenges you face.  Nor will I pretend to understand what you’ve been going through.  But I offer you this small reminder from our Lord and Savior who loves you.  Stay strong and remember that you are not alone.  God is always with you; and there is at least one person out there who’s thinking about you.  I pray the Lord will bring you His everlasting comfort and joy in this difficult time.

See Also: Don’t Give Up

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