Scripture Wallpaper

This folder contains a collection of Bible Verses in the form of digital wallpaper, otherwise known as desktop background images. Once you save them to your My Pictures folder you can right-click the image and select “Set as Desktop Background.” Alternatively, you can use a Wallpaper Changer utility that will randomly choose one for you (see below for two great options).

Feel free to browse through the folder, search for a specific Book of the Bible using the search bar to the right, or download the entire collection as a zip file below – be aware that the file is large (27 MB). It currently contains 489 scripture verses.

Download the Scripture Wallpaper zip pack

Version date:  4/4/14


Here are three wallpaper changer utilities I can heartily recommend.  They are all Freeware (completely free and fully functional) but of course developers of free software always appreciate a small donation in appreciation for their efforts.

The first one, Wallpaper Changer by Frank Pleitz, I used for many years under Windows XP.  It strikes an excellent balance between ‘lightweight & unobtrusive’ and ‘special features.’  For example, it has the ability to stretch wallpaper that isn’t exactly the same resolution as your monitor.  Another choice for those who prefer more traditional software is Walyk Wallpaper Changer by Walter Estrada.  Of the three options this one is a little more full-featured though not nearly as lightweight as the other two.  And lastly is my current favorite, the one I’m using now, and it’s a tiny but brilliant thing called Wallpaper Randomizer by Danny Ben Shitrit.  The beauty here is that it does one thing well and then gets out of the way, just as most utilities should.

Visit Wallpaper Changer by Frank Pleitz  (Offline?)

Visit Walyk Wallpaper Changer by Walter Estrada

Visit Wallpaper Randomizer by Sector Seven


Click HERE if you don’t see the Scripture Wallpaper images below

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