Fishing and Video Games

What is it about Fishing and Video Games?  In truth, I’m not a big fan of real-life fishing.  I’d like to give Fly Fishing a try some time but still… And yet, there’s something [I don’t know] just so inexplicably appealing about fishing in video games that I can’t help chuckling at the thought of it.  Try to imagine for a moment the antithesis of what most video games are about – action, adventure, exploration, fights, bosses – and you would very likely end up with a mundane activity not unlike fishing.  There you are with your character, standing there, inside the world of a video game, waiting… waiting… waiting for something to bite.  A few examples that come to mind are the Zelda games and Harvest Moon series.  A good number of MMORPGs probably have a fishing game in there as well.  Why?  Because for reasons unknown it turns out to be fun.  I suppose I just don’t know why it’s so fun.

I’d love to know which was the first game that included fishing (not as the central focus but rather as a mini-game).  How have fishing mini-games evolved over the years?  What are some of the best ones out there?  I wonder if a single game could be identified as deserving the ‘Best Fishing Mini-Game’ badge of honor?

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