A Morrowind Web Comic

Back in 2005 I was spending a lot of time with a PC Roleplaying Game called Morrowind. To me it wasn’t as much a video game as it was a ‘sandbox’ for creating and exploring, thanks in large part to the game’s native support of user-created mods. I spent a lot of time downloading these mods from the extremely talented individuals producing them, then seeing how they could blend together, transforming the game world along the way. Due to the nature of the game’s design, the ability to customize and control so much of the characters and surroundings, some people had started putting out web comics based on their characters. Many of them were such good fun that I was almost immediately inspired to try one of these myself. So I set about drafting a small story for my first ever Morrowind character, a Wood Elf thief named Fenius Longfellow. Now that I’m in the process of migrating many of my projects over to this site I thought I’d re-post it here for those who might enjoy a brief jaunt into a comical fantasy world.

Link to the slideshow

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