God’s Unconditional Love

One of the pastors in my church wrote something in the handout this past Sunday that really struck me. For Christians and non-Christians I think we all struggle with not feeling adequate in the face of an Almighty God. But the Bible has some good examples of how God reaches out (and uses) even the most “unworthy” people. Here’s what he wrote:

Have you ever wondered if the Lord loves you? I mean really loves you. If you have, let me give you a few thoughts to think on. Remember Matthew the tax collector who was hated by the Jews for helping the Romans cheat and oppress them. Even so, Jesus loved Matthew so much that he chose him as one of his twelve disciples. Peter denied the Lord three times during His most crucial hours here on earth. Even so, Jesus loved Peter and empowered him to lead His Church into the first century. Paul “created havoc” for the church, leading raids on the homes of Christians sending many to their deaths. Even so, Jesus loved Paul and called him to write half of the New Testament. So no matter what you have done or how you feel, remember that Jesus died for you, and that He loves you; He really does…

Pastor Gene

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