photofiltreThroughout the years I’ve discovered a lot of really great freeware programs, many that I use quite regularly. But there’s one in particular I’ve become so attached to I can hardly imagine not having it installed on my computer. PhotoFiltre is a light-weight photo editor that features just the right mix of functionality and ease of use. It lets you work on single photos for quick touch-ups or dive in for major repair work. The tools are simple to use and the interface is about as friendly and inviting as any I’ve encountered so far. Yet despite its unassuming appearance there are plenty of eye-popping effects tools just waiting to be discovered. One of my favorite features is the one that lets you work with an entire folder. Thumbnails of all the images line up at the bottom, letting you work on each one-by-one. And still the program is so light it launches instantly (on my machine) making for quick cut and paste jobs, and slips quietly away the moment you close it.

My deepest appreciation and thanks to Antonio Da Cruz for this truly outstanding piece of free software. It is a work of art unto itself, and well worth any donation you’re willing to offer.

Get PhotoFiltre

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