A New Blog is Born

This story has three beginnings…

On October 3rd, 2005 the Scripture Wallpaper project became part of my life.  A short while into it I began hoping that someday I might be able to share the result of that work; though at the time I wouldn’t have considered using a blog.  As for posting publicly available content in general, that came about on July 24, 2006.  It was on this day that a simple PDF file made its debut on a [now defunct] file-sharing site.  Contained in the file was a spreadsheet style list of recommended software.  It was called Fessic’s Favorite Freeware and Software.  Others followed until, in 2008 the whole thing transitioned over here to WordPress.  I don’t think I fully realized then that I’d have so much to say.  But it turns out I did and began blogging away, in addition to maintaining lists of favorites and other collected things.  After that… well, things more or less settled into a rhythm.

And so, as a kind of time stamp, I’m using this post to mark the unofficial beginning of my online identity as Fessic, blogger and curator of favorites lists.

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