Hello and welcome to Fessic’s tiny corner of the web.  Perhaps it would be best to talk first about this bit of a web journal, which… it turns out, isn’t entirely about blogging.  You might think of it more as a small website, hosted by the good folks here at WordPress.  What’s it all about then?  Well, a lot of things actually; but I think mostly it’s a place where I can share a little of myself with you.

Everything breaks down into two distinct areas:  The Topic categories to the right are where I do most of my writing.  Subscribing to the RSS feed would, for example, deliver the occasional blog entry to your Feed Reader.  Meanwhile, the Single Page Lists a little further down (and to the right) are what give this site its name and identity.  Each of the Favorites Lists are static web pages and best viewed here on WordPress.

My writing tends toward intermittent as, for me, it’s not so much about churning out content but rather more about whether I have something to say. Otherwise I may sneak in just to update one of the lists. Whenever I update a Favorites list the date (inside the post) will serve as a hint that something new has been added. Each page can be individually bookmarked. While it isn’t the most elegant arrangement this has become a comfortable platform for me, and that imparts to something I’m more likely to keep going.

Something readers may also want to be aware of is some time during 2013 Automattic began placing ads on unpaid WordPress blogs ~ such as this one.  As a result you may see the occasional video or text advert at the end of a post.  Please be aware that I have no say over their location or frequency, let alone editorial control over the content (short of upgrading to a Pro account) …nor am I compensated monetarily.  If anything contrary to the sentiment of this blog does creep in let me know would you?

About the curator:  a common theme throughout my life has been the tendency to look at something and start imagining ways to make it better.  It could well be this blog has become a means of sharing thoughts, ideas or the creations of others that might, in some small way give joy or meaning to this life we share together, the human race, one small planet with which to make a home.

In real life I’m …no one of consequence. I always seem to have one or two projects underway (or brewing in the back of my mind). You’ll often find me tinkering with my computer, reading up on world affairs or, as time permits, settling in with a good movie or video game. For a more in-depth bio you can visit the About me page just over there. In the meantime you’d probably be safe imagining a steaming cup of strong coffee close at hand.

Thanks for stopping by

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